Cleaning Products For Your Upholstery

To keep your home clean and comfortable, it is vital to keep your carpets, floors and furniture clean and good looking. When you need to clean the furniture upholstery, you will notice the different types of fabrics requiring different types of treatment. To maintain them properly you can either use professional cleaning services or some of the products that you keep at home.Carpets, Floors and Furniture

Keep the Furniture Upholstery Like New

Home-made cleaning products are cheap and they do a great job and save a lot of money from expensive cleaning products. However it is mandatory to check the home-made solutions effects on a small hidden piece of the upholstery before applying it on the whole area. If you notice any kind of changes on the colour and the fabrics, do not proceed using this cleaning product.

One of the best products for cleaning and deodorizing fabrics is the baking soda. The product is available in any kitchen and useful for removing grease, butter and oil stains from the upholstery. Sprinkle the baking soda over the upholstery surface and leave the solution to work during the night. In the morning vacuum thoroughly the furniture to remove the baking soda and you will notice the absorbed stains and the removed odours.

Another useful solution for surface stains and dirt is the liquid dish soap. Do not apply the soap directly on the stained area. Always mix one cup hot water and a few drops of the soap. If you add too much soap, the upholstery will be harder to rinse after the treatment and the excess soap could attract more dirt and dust. To apply the water and soap mix on the upholstery use a clean dry cloth dampened in the mixture.

Solution for Surface Stains

If you need to deal with stains from ink and dye, you will need rubbing alcohol. Use a clean dry cloth and dampen it with the alcohol. Start dabbing the stain carefully and work on the stains starting from the borders and gently moving to the centre of the area. The rubbing alcohol is not safe to be used on the silk fabrics and any other upholstery that is sensitive to water.

If one of the cleaning products does not succeed in the stain removal, avoid using another cleaning product on the area, because the ingredients could react together and damage the fabrics. If you are not able to remove the stains from the upholstery, just call professional cleaning services to help you clean the furniture upholstery.

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