Why People Are Crazy About Feng Shui

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Feng-Shui-CrazyThe art of arranging your home – this is how most people see Feng Shui but it is not the whole truth. In fact we know very little about this science because in fact it can’t be explained at least I really can’t. It is both an art and a science, a way of life and a search of the perfect balance, I can tell you what it literally means – wind and water. In Chinese culture those two elements are associated with health, luck and fortune.

The truth is many people don’t even try to understand Feng Shui and are sceptic about it. I also don’t understand it but at least I don’t judge others for their belief. If you’re not interested in the subject just don’t read, don’t make negative comments. The purpose of Feng Shui is to make you fell one with your inner self and your surroundings. In order to accomplish that there are some things you have to change about your home and not all of them are connected with rearranging.

Learn The Basics

feng shui wheelIn Feng Shui there are five basic elements – water, fire, wood, metal and earth which are present in everyone’s life. When combined they can form positive or destructive cycles, so if you’re not familiar with the tehcniques of Feng Shui I don’t recommend you try rearranging on your own. Of course there are some things which you can’t get wrong, everything comes with practice. If the arranging you’ve made doesn’t provide any effect try another.

Those elements can be expressed though colours and figures, but we’ll talk about this later. Keep in mind that if you really want to change the energy of your home it is better to contact a professional. Of you want to try the effect there are some small things you can do on your own, the first one is to remove negative energy form your home. Believe it or not the easiest way to do that is by cleaning your home.

Start Cleansing Your Home

If you want to do it the right way prepare for a lot of work. If you compare it to Spring cleaning the second will look like removing dust from the furniture. Every part of your home has to be thoroughly cleaned and de-cluttered in order for this to work. You’ll have to get rid of all unused items around the house, donate those which can be used and throw the rest. Go though your photos and arrange them in albums, place the ones you like in frames.

By organizing your belongings and removing useless items you’ll unblock the energy flow of your home remove the bad energy and allow the positive to come. Maybe there is some truth in all of this I don’t know and I probably never will. The simple fact is that by cleaning the house you ease your mind, reduce stress levels because it is physical work. In this modern age we’re so tired of mental work all those computers and smart phones that we need something like Feng Shui. The people practising this art have understood how important it is to balance your life and maybe even make it better.

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