Cleaning Moisture Sensitive Carpets

Sensitive Carpets

There are many advantages of having a carpet at home, it is beautiful and adds style to the room. Moreover it absorbs sound and there is nothing more relaxing than sit onto it and play with the children. Of course there are disadvantages as well, keeping it clean is not an easy task especially if it is natural fibred. The thing about natural carpets is they’re sensitive to liquid and can’t be steam cleaned. Fortunately there is dry cleaning, specially designed for that purpose.

Maintenance Tips

CurtainsBefore we proceed to the different kinds of dry carpet cleaning, I feel obliged to tell you a few tips about how to preserve and extend the useful lifespan of your carpets. We’ll start with the positioning, keep in mind that hight traffic contributes to the wearing. Therefore it is a good idea to rotate the carpet once a year, this way it will wear off evenly. Next it is the sunlight, if you don’t have qualitative curtains your carpet’s colour will fade.

After that comes the issue of vacuuming, unlike the common opinion once a week is not enough to keep your carpet in good shape. It constantly accumulates dust, dirt and soul, therefore daily vacuuming is on order, especially if you have allergies. Also pay more attention to high traffic areas and don’t neglect the space under the furniture. If you have an area carpet I recommend and occasional beating to remove more soil and grime, because vacuuming is not enough.


Cleaning Tips and TricksNow for the dry cleaning, there are several types – foam, powder, bonnet, encapsulation. Dry foam actually contains about ten percent liquid, but it won’t harm your carpet. A solution of water and carpet shampoo is mixed and poured in a special cleaning machine. Next is the absorbent powder which is biodegradable and all you’ll need to work with it is a brush. After sprinkling the compound use the brush to agitate it and then vacuum thoroughly.

The ingredients in the powder connect with the dirt particles trapped in the fibers of the carpet and can be easily vacuumed. I found something interesting about bonnet, but I can’t guarantee about its veracity in this method carbonated water is mixed with a cleaning solution. Using a special tool called bonnet the compound is forced into the fibers of the carpet and the rotating motion pules the now dirty solution back up. This method is quite aggressive, therefore is not recommended for delicate carpets and rugs.

Last but not least comes the encapsulation which is my personal favourite, because it transforms the soil particles into dry residues. There is absolutely no liquid, therefore no risk of damaging the fibres of the carpet. Of course you may choose another option, but id this is your first time of attempting dry cleaning better consult with a professional. There are plenty of carpet cleaning companies offering great services.

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