How to Treat Moisture Sensitive Carpets and Flooring

fireplace and a rug for a cozy homeThere are many different approaches to get your carpets and rugs cleaned. A good house owner will always opt for the best possible cleaning procedure for his carpets in order to keep the cleanness of the floorings and ensure their good look and long lifespan. If you are looking for a procedure, which will help you maintain your carpets spotless and fresh smelling, you should consider hiring dry carpet cleaners.

A Few Facts of Dry Carpet Treatment

Dry carpet cleaning procedure consists distributing dry cleaning powder, which is biodegradable evenly onto the your carpet’s surface. The dry compound should be left on the flooring for a while. It goes deep into it’s fibres and blends with all the soil, dust and dirt. After about 15 to 20 minutes powder is being extracted from the carpet along with all the dust and grime, leaving the floor spotlessly clean. I you never even heard of this cleaning method until now, maybe you should give it a shot and take advantage of the many great assets of dry method of cleaning.

The Advantages Of Carpet Dry Cleaning

dry rug cleaningWe all know how exhausting and annoying can be waiting a whole day before using your own carpet again after cleaning. This procedure does not utilise any liquid-based detergents or water. The drying time is really short (less than an hour) so your carpet is ready to be used right after the cleaning team leaves your home. This definitely is one of the main reasons why many people prefer dry procedure for their carpets not only in their own houses, but for commercial buildings, hospitals, airports, hotels, etc.

There are many types of flooring that are really hard to keep in good condition – you cannot clean them with hot water extraction due to risk of shrinkage, colour bleeding and many other damages. With dry methods there are no such hazards for moisture sensitive, organic or luxurious carpets. You can utilise dry cleaning on silk or cotton containing floorings without any risks. Also, dry carpet cleaning is appropriate solution to clean extraordinary rugs such as sisal, seagrass and jute. This procedure is a must for original old oriental rugs too.

And at last, but not least dry treatments are Earth-friendly. Nowadays we are getting more conscious about environmental issues. Modern man is searching for different methods to maintain his household with pure, green products and procedures. The compound which is used in dry carpet care is biodegradable, but still efficient enough to handle contaminations as soil and dust in the carpets. Choosing dry treatment for your home is the best solution if you want to have a fair share of preserving the planet.

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