How to Use Rented Carpet Cleaning Machine

Steam CleanerCarpet cleaning is an inseparable part of the mission to keep your home as clean and tidy as possible. Usually done once year deep carpet cleaning is essential to extract accumulated over time dirt and dust. When this time of the year comes homeowners have a number of options. Unequivocally the best way is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to carry the task. They have the best, most advanced tools and latest carpet cleaning agents. However, these services don’t come cheap. So many homeowners choose to rent a carpet cleaning machine and do it themselves.

When you find yourself in situation like for the first time it’s vital that you learn as much as possible before you actually take the steam cleaner home and start treating your home carpets. Understanding how to operate the machine properly will save you lots of troubles later. So this article is aimed at helping all of you who for the first time in their life embark at DIY carpet cleaning journey.

Step by Step Before Cleaning With Steam Cleaner

Step #1

Now that you have the steam cleaner home before plugging it you have to mix the cleaning solution. It’s an important step in the process. Use hot water and the right amount of cleaning solution. For instructions read the canister label. Failing to get the water to cleaning solution ratio right may lead to irreparably damaging your valuable carpets.

Step #2

Now detach the white bucket from your cleaning machine. Usually it takes off pretty easily. This is not to be filled with water as it is used to store the dirty water. It’s called the recovery bucket.

Step #3

Once the white bucket is removed you can easily spot the red one. There you will have to pour the solution you mixed in step one. Remember to fill in this compartment only to the halfway. When you are ready attach the white bucket.

Step #4

Now you can plug the machine! And work your way to a truly fantastic cleaning results.

Step #5

Now the cleaning process may commence. Raise the handle up off and prepare for cleaning. Gently switch the machine on. For different models the on/off switch is located at different places. You have an instruction manual with your machine so refer to it instead of swirling around the machine. When you hear a lawnmower like sound your carpet cleaner is on.

Step #6

Work your way from the opposite side of the room entrance. There should be a red button that starts the vibration/soaping process. Pull the machine backward at an average pace. Remember that working with this type of cleaners it’s always better to go too fast than too slow. Working too slow can lead to over wetting your carpet. If you go to quickly and miss a spot, you can always repeat the process.

Step #7

Work your way until you hit a wall. Then you can turn around and continue or go back to where you started. Observe the two buckets – the one for dirty water and one for cleaning solution. Empty the white bucket once it’s full or add cleaning solution to the red compartment when necessary.

Step #8

Repeat the process until your home carpet is spotlessly clean!

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